Why Call it Bridle?
The concept of Bridle is rooted to the basic fact of business: ‘Control is the Core’. No matter what the business is, success is the direct measure of the control the company exercises on various parameters of doing things efficiently and effectively giving the most wanted competitive advantage. So, Bridle extends its services to clients seeking better control on their business.
Our Business
Bridle caters to the needs of its clients in the areas of mobile applications and services, mobile protocol stacks, mobile service provider platforms, mobile presence, mobile enabling enterprise wide communication across a wide range of domains. Our commitment to excellence, proficiency and expertise in developing technology based applications and services shall place your business at the forefront. With customer centric policies at heart, we offer an unbeatable cost advantage of a competent startup and an efficient process-driven company.

Our Motto
Excellence is not a coincidence. We bring in our efforts and capabilities together to give our clients an unprecedented success, in which we realize our own success.
To touch every mobile subscriber in India at least once a day.
To be the best startup company of the year in terms of number of subscribers we reach.

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